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A Day In The Life of a Chihuahua – An Owner’s Perspective

A Day In The Life of a Chihuahua – An Owner’s Perspective


The first thing I remember about this morning is the same thing I remember about almost every morning.

I feel a tiny wet tongue licking my chin to wake me up and when I open my eyes, there’s my baby waiting eagerly to start the day.

It’s been the same every morning since I first brought her home from the breeder. 

She sleeps between the two pillows on my queen size bed and always wakes me up the same way. 

I thought things might change when my boyfriend moved in, but she is as steady as a rock.  I don’t think she likes my boyfriend very much but she is so true and loyal that she never wavers in her wake up routine.

I reach out and give her a snuggle and a kiss good morning.  I can’t help but laugh when my boyfriend tries to get in on the hugs and she gives him a little growl.  She’s just warning him off I guess.  First thing in the morning has always been our little time and I don’t think she likes to share.  Of course, it’s all a bluff.  She would never hurt a fly.  One look at her adorable little face and you can just tell that she is the sweetest, most lovable dog in the world.

I climb out of bed to get her breakfast: a tin of speciality dog food and a couple of leftover vegetables from last night.  Nothing but the best for my girl.  While she’s eating I look out the window.  It looks a little cool this morning so I will have to make sure to bundle her up when we go for our morning walk.  I love to shop for her and she has some of the cutest Chihuahua clothing!


I’m watching television when my little one reappears.  Her walk tuckered her out this morning and she’s been sleeping for the last couple of hours.  She looks full of energy now so I grab her rope toy and start a game.  My boyfriend is watching football but I’m not that interested.  I would much rather play with her instead.

She really seems to like this game, but she seems to like most things.  She really is the easiest dog in the world.  No matter what you do she always seems happy and loving.  My favourite part of the game is when she tries to act tough.  I can’t help but smile when she gets serious about pulling the rope away from me.  Of course, she’s so small that she doesn’t have a hope but sometimes I let go of the rope so she thinks she’s won.  I swear she smiles when this happens.

Now comes the part I hate:  grooming.  I’m always afraid that I’m pulling too hard and it will hurt.  She’s such a good girl and she never complains but I do worry because she is so little.


What a day!  My boyfriend is livid and it makes dinner pretty tense.  The dog found his new Italian dress shoes today and was chewing on one of them.  Well, he shouldn’t leave things lying around if he doesn’t want anything to happen to them.  She’s only a dog.  She didn’t know it wasn’t a toy.  Besides a little bit of polish and a set of new laces and you’ll never notice the marks.

He keeps telling me that I need to see a professional and get some Chihuahua training tips but I thinks he’s wrong.  She’s hardly ever bad.  It’s true that whenever something does go wrong it always involves his things, but she’s only a dog.  She doesn’t know any better. 

Of course, it didn’t help his mood when she jumped on my lap on the couch right when he was trying to make a romantic move.  He can’t blame her for that – this was her house before he moved in and she doesn’t understand that things may have to change.  I give her a pet and tell her how much I love her just so she knows that I’m not mad.

When we go to bed my boyfriend is still going on about the shoes.  I agree with everything he says just to make it stop.  I know there is nothing wrong with my dog and she doesn’t need a trainer.  My boyfriend needs to learn to put things away, that’s all.  The last thing I remember before I fall asleep is my little one settling down beside my pillow.  I fall asleep knowing that I am the most important thing in her world.  I can’t imagine life without her.


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