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A Day In The Life of a Chihuahua – One Dog’s Perspective

A Day In The Life of a Chihuahua – One Dog’s Perspective

A Day In The Life of a Chihuahua – One Dog’s Perspective


I woke up this morning nestled as usual between the two pillows on my owner’s bed.  This is my favourite place to sleep because it is so soft and warm and there is never any danger of getting rolled on or kicked in the middle of the night.

I know my owner would never hurt me on purpose but sometimes when she’s sleeping she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Her boyfriend, on the other hand, knows exactly what he is doing when he kicks me off the bed.  I have to wait until he’s asleep and then use the stairs my owner gave me to climb up and snuggle down with her.

I woke my owner with a kiss on the chin and she smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss.  This always makes me happy and starts my day off right.  Her grumbly boyfriend said something I didn’t quite catch.  I heard the word “disgusting” but I’m not sure why he would say that.  He tries to push me out of the way but I stand my ground and give him a little growl for warning.

The first few minutes in the morning are my time with my owner.  I don’t appreciate him trying to move in on my time.  Right after our snuggle time, I get breakfast: gourmet dog food with a couple of tidbits from last night’s dinner.  Delicious!

Soon I’ll get to go out for my morning walk if it’s not too cold.  Brrr!  I hate the cold.  Even with the beautiful new Chihuahua clothes my owner bought me it’s still cold when you’re as tiny as I am.  After my walk I’m already planning on having a nap on my doggy bed.  I don’t like the bed for sleeping in at night, but it’s wonderful for a quick doggy nap during the day.


Most days my owner has to leave me in the house alone.  Those days are very boring, but today is what she calls a “weekend” and that means more time for me.  We usually play in the afternoon.  My owner knows lots of fun games, and today we play my favourite:  tug of war. 

My owner holds one end of my tuggy toy and I hold the other.  We both pull and pull and try to get the toy away from each other.  Sometimes I shake my head and act ferocious, knowing that this always makes her smile.  It’s only a game, but if I really wanted to get that toy I could.  I’m not as harmless as I look and these teeth are mighty sharp.  I would never do anything to hurt my owner so she doesn’t ever have to worry. 

Sometimes if I play tug of war with her boyfriend he pulls too hard on purpose to knock me over.  Then I have to stand up for myself.  I nipped him last week when he did that and he hasn’t played with me again.  I don’t mind because I don’t like him much anyway.  He’s always trying to spend time with my owner when she really wants to be with me.

After play time she brushes my coat.  I’m a long haired Chihuahua and my owner keeps my coat beautiful and shiny.  I don’t really care about the brushing but I like to spend the time with her and she seems to enjoy it so much.


Dinner is a quiet affair today and I’m not sure why.  I had a great afternoon and found a new chew toy to play with.  It was black and shiny and smelled wonderful, with two little strings coming out of it.  I think my owner called it a “shoe”.  I don’t know what it is but it was great fun.

My owner’s boyfriend is even grumpier than usual and keeps giving me an ugly look.  I stare right back at him letting him know that I don’t like him.  Later when he tries to sit beside her on the couch I make sure I jump on her lap so she gets to spend time with me and not him.  I’m sure she likes it better that way.  She always talks to me in such a nice, happy voice and strokes me softly.

At bedtime I wait until he’s asleep and then curl up beside my owner’s head.  She reaches out a hand to stroke me and I fall asleep knowing that I’m the most important thing in her world. 


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