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Buster and Belle at the Beach

Buster and Belle at the Beach


We are in the car on the way to the beach for a couple of hours of fun in the sun.  I first met Belle about a week ago when she came over to my house for a walk.  Apparently Belinda and Belle’s owner, Kelsey, were old friends but Kelsey didn’t live in Kent anymore.  Now that she has moved back she and Belinda are spending a lot of time together.  I’m okay with this because whenever we see Kelsey she has Belle with her. 

My name is Buster and I’m a four year old short haired Chihuahua.  Belle is a beautiful female with a short, shiny black coat and the most expressive eyes I have ever seen.  She wouldn’t tell me how old she was but I’m think she’s probably about two years old.  I felt an instant connection but I don’t think the feeling was mutual.

I didn’t make a very good impression on her before we even left our house the other day so I am hoping to redeem myself today.  At least today I’m not wearing a ridiculous sailor suit.  I have on a plain white tee shirt to help reflect the sun and keep me cool.

We’re here!  Belinda and Kelsey open our crates and let us greet each other.  I am very careful not to sniff for too long even though Belle smells wonderful.  The first time we met she turned on me when I spent too much time getting to know her by smell.  She’s wearing a white tee shirt too but hers is emblazoned with sparkling gems forming the picture of a princess’ crown.  Belle has the nicest Chihuahua clothes and her Chihuahua collar today is pink studded with rhinestones.  Very fashionable!

As we head to the beach we spot a long haired Chihuahua a little distance away.  Belle and I look at each other.  We share a disdain for our long haired counterparts.  They always look so messy and flyaway, not like us short haired Chis with our neat, trim coat. 

The sea air is intriguing and we both raise our noses to catch the scent.  The beach is empty because it’s not a very nice day.  The sky is overcast but it’s still warm enough that Belle and I don’t need to worry about getting cold.  Kelsey and Belinda unclick our leashes and let us run free on the beach.

The sand feels gritty and a little hot on my feet but I don’t care.  I am following the most interesting scent.  I run toward it but skid to a stop when I reach the object.  I don’t know what it is but it’s a reddish brown colour and has a lot of legs and a couple of pinching claws in the front.  I sniff it carefully but can tell its dead.  I start to roll on it because it smells so nice that I want to cover myself with the scent.

I stop when I hear Belinda shouting.  She doesn’t like it when I roll in things.  In fact, she almost always takes me home and gives me a bath which I find quite sad.  I took care to spread the lovely aromas all over me and Belinda immediately washes them off.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  I run back to Belinda, Kelsey and Belle and realize right away that they don’t appreciate the smell as much as I do.

Belinda has that funny look on her face that she always has when I roll in things and Kelsey has the same look.  I turn my attention to Belle thinking that she, at least, must appreciate the effort I took to cover myself with this great smell.  She takes one tentative sniff and then turns her head!   I do not understand this girl.  I come to her, smelling fantastic, and she snubs me.

I try to enjoy the rest of the day but a lot of the fun has gone out of it.  Belinda and Kelsey keep wrinkling their noses whenever I get too close and Belle won’t even talk to me.  This is our second date and it’s not going any better than the first.  Where is John when I need him?  John is my other owner and he’s a guy.  I’m sure he would appreciate my smell. 

After a couple of hours the smell wears off enough that the girls will at least speak to me again.  We get back in the car and I know that there is a bathtub full of water with my name on it when we get home.




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