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Buster and the Big Bone

Buster and the Big Bone
When John came home today he had a big sack under his arm and he said it was for me!  I was so excited and I couldn’t imagine what was inside.  It didn’t look like the typical, fancy boxes with ribbons and bows which usually hold my beautiful Chihuahua collars and Chihuahua outfits.  This was a big shopping bag, unwrapped and messy, flopping over the arm of the living room chair.

After dinner, John took me into the back yard and carried with him the shopping bag.  He told me that he had a big surprise for me inside from one of his friends at work.  I was so excited that I wiggled in delight from my little tail to my pink nose.  When John opened the bag and set the mysterious object in front of me, I felt faint.  I have never, never ever, in my life saw such an enormous bone!  The big, brown bone was beefy flavored and fresh from the butcher shop in town.  I’ve smelled that enticing aroma many times as Belinda and I have driven past the shop and I’d be able to spot it anywhere.  When John saw how utterly delighted I was, he told me to enjoy myself and he went back into the house.

There I was, all alone with this heavenly chunk of goodness.  The bone was a lot bigger than me so I couldn’t imagine carrying it around to show all of my friends how lucky I was.  The smell was astonishing and as I dove, head-first, into the meaty bone, I could feel the wonderful scent rubbing all over my fur.  I couldn’t help but think that this was the best day of my entire life.  I thought that fish that I found by the garbage can was superb but this was a thousand times better!  The scent of butcher shop lingered all around me as I lie and lick the side of the gnarly bone.  I could see John and Belinda watching me from the kitchen window and I knew that Belinda would be mad that I was covered in sticky beef juice.  I just couldn’t help myself and continued on as happy as a clam (which smells good, too!)

After a while, I started to get sleepy.  I was so afraid to leave my wonderful present in the yard.  Surely it would attract other dogs or animals who would want to steal it for themselves!  That’s when I decided to try to hide it.  I tried my hardest to get my teeth into the end of the bone but it was just too big.  I tried to drag it, roll it, push it, and pull it but no matter what I did, the bone was just too big!  What was I going to do?  Finally, I decided that the only thing I could do would be to hide the bone; what a great idea!  I ran through my doggie door and past Belinda, who was sitting on the couch.  I whizzed by but heard her shriek in disgust at the rancid smell on my coat.  I snatched an old blanket from my bedroom floor and ran past Belinda, again, on my way out the door.  This time she was close behind me with a bottle of shampoo and a towel!  I made it to my bone and covered it with the blanket.  Belinda stopped in her tracks and began to chuckle as she watched my desperate attempt to keep my bone safe.

Belinda scooped me up and held me as far from her body as she could.  “Time for a bath, big man” said Belinda.  “You did a good job at hiding that bone, I don’t think anybody will ever find it there!”  I was so happy that Belinda thought it was a good hiding spot that I could relax and enjoy the warm bath before bed.  All I could think about was waking up tomorrow to go see my treasure!

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