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Buster and the Owl

Buster and the Owl

Image002It was a beautiful fall evening and John, Belinda, and I were out in the backyard enjoying the fresh air.  John started a campfire in our little brick fire pit and Belinda had some sticks and a bag of marshmallows.  I had on my warm Chihuahua clothes because it was quite chilly outside in October.  Belinda went shopping last week and found the cutest little green and blue, plaid vest.  It was made from fleece so it was cuddly soft against my skin.  Being a short-haired 

Chihuahua has its ups and downs.  I can stay comfortable in the summer without all that messy hair hanging down like some long-haired Chihuahuas but it gets really cold in the winter!  I’d shiver my little tail right off if it wasn’t for my closet of designer Chihuahua clothes!

The bunny was outside, too, and he found a friend!  He was acting even stranger than usual (if you can believe it) as he was flipping awkwardly back and forth by the back gate.  He would run and hop so high that I thought he might jump clear over the fence but then he’d come crashing down in a thud on the lawn.  When I walked over to see what on earth he was up to, I noticed another bunny on the other side of the fence!  I wouldn’t dare tell Belinda because having another bunny is pretty low on my list of things to do!  Besides, this was a forest bunny.  Wild bunnies don’t make good pets.  If you ask me, no bunnies make good pets!  This brown bunny was little and timid, unlike this mammoth black beast of a bunny that lives with me.  When he saw me, he darted back into the woods.  Why can’t this crazy bunny run when he sees me?  Instead, he charges at me and kicks me!

While I was doing my nightly yard patrol, I heard a fascinating noise coming from high in the trees.  I tried to see what it was but I couldn’t find anything.  I kept going but then I heard it again!  Belinda and John were roasting marshmallows and laughing but I heard an ominous hooting, coming from the dark woods like a creepy monster!  Then, before I could even run back to Belinda, a huge bird swooped down and tried to grab our rabbit!  Holy cow!  I felt very brave all of a sudden and started running back toward the bunny, barking and snarling with my fiercest voice!  The giant bird could not grab the bunny and flew off back to the forest.  By the time I got over there, John already had the bunny in one hand and a flaming marshmallow stick in the other!  Belinda was so upset that she was crying and she put the bunny back in its cage in the garage.

John picked me up and he put out the fire.  “That bunny was lucky to be so fat, Buster.  That big owl would have taken him away to be his dinner tonight if he could have lifted him!  If he targeted you instead of him, you’d be long gone!”

Belinda came running out and snatched me up.  “Buster, it’s a good thing you were wearing your clothes!  That owl didn’t even know what you were!”  Well, that was enough to make me want to keep my Chihuahua clothes on all the time!  How scary for the bunny and how awful it would have been in a big owl swooped down and carried me away!  Who would’ve ever thought going outside to roast marshmallows could be so dangerous!


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