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Buster and the Squirrel

Belinda and I decided to take advantage of the sunny fall day by going for a walk to the park!  When we woke up, the warm sun was gleaming through the window next to the bed and warming our cold noses.  I jumped up from under my cover and licked Belinda on the cheek.  “What should we do today?” asked Belinda.  I sat up like a pretty boy and cried a little bit with excitement before I ran to grab my leash and bring it in to Belinda.  “Oh, ok Buster.  That’s what I thought you’d say!  Let me get ready and then we will go to the park.” Belinda went to my trunk of Chihuahua clothes and chose an orange sweatshirt and a brown collar with a little jingle bell on it.  “This is a perfect outfit for a fall walk, don’t you think so Buster?”  I jumped and wiggled the whole time I was getting dressed.  I absolutely loved going to the park!  I never knew who I would meet there and I have made lots of friends along the way!

Walking to the park was just as fun as being there.  It had rained the night before so all of the leaves that were on the sidewalk were wet, sticky, and sweet smelling!  The feeling of the squishy leaves underneath my feet felt funny and the sloppy sound of Belinda’s shoes reminded me of a duck in the mud.  It was still sprinkling a little bit and little bits of rain beaded up on my long eyelashes.  I blinked them away and licked at the drops falling from my nose.

Once we got to the park, Belinda unleashed me and I went tearing off toward the big oak tree that was right in the middle.  Running around with the other dogs at the dog park was so much fun, but just as I was chasing after a tennis ball, something caught my eye.  Over near the big oak, a tiny little squirrel was struggling with a big acorn that was stuck under a rock.  He would push and pull but nothing he did seemed to get the acorn loose.  I walked over curiously and the little squirrel looked up at me with a pleading look on his face.  He was just so cute that I knew I had to help him out.

As I was nudging the rock with my nose, the little squirrel was trying to pull on the acorn with his front teeth.  He had all four feet planted in the ground and was pulling with all of his might.  Finally the acorn broke loose and the little creature went flying backward, slipping across the wet leaves, and spinning out.  I barked excitedly because it was funny and I really wanted to play with the squirrel.  He began running toward his tree house and I chased after him.  He would turn around to scamper in the other direction and I would chase him.  Then he would jump and do a flip in the air, losing his acorn, and I followed along; barking all the time!  When he started slowing down, I nudged him with my wet nose and we’d start all over again.

Finally the little squirrel reached his home and scampered up the side of the tree.  I began to whine and cry while pawing at the mossy bark.  I knew this was the end of the fun since he had to go take care of his family.  Once he got to his hole, he looked down at me as if to bid me farewell.  I barked and wagged my tail.  When I ran back to Belinda, she was reading her book on the bench.  She asked me if I was ready to go and I brought her my leash.  That was a great day at the dog park!  I hope that next time we go there, I see my little squirrel friend! Who would have thought, a Chihuahua and a squirrel?


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