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Buster Goes to the Mall


Going on walks is always fun, especially when I can wear my beautiful Chihuahua clothes and get lots of compliments!  Belinda took me shopping the other day and it was so much fun to see all of the people and have them pet me and talk to me!

We went to the really popular mall in the city and Belinda brought me along.  Of course, I had to stay in my designer Chihuahua carrier but that was alright, it was really comfortable!  My carrier was about twice as big as I was so I had a lot of room to turn in circles, roll, and sniff.  The carrier was velvety and black with a little silk pillow and blanket inside.  Belinda always carried a bottle of water and a little dish in there for me, too, so I’d never be thirsty.  She usually had some yummy treats tucked in the outside pocket for when my tummy was grumbly!

I loved to get dressed up for going to the mall.  Belinda would pick out the nicest outfits for me and we always looked so fashionable!  Today I had on little black socks and a long black sweater vest.  My Chihuahua collar was white with black stripes and it had a little silver bell and name tag attached.  Everywhere we went, people would stop to say hello to me and would ask Belinda all sorts of questions like how old I was, what my name was, and does she take me shopping a lot.

We went into one store that was so dark that I could barely see anything on the racks.  The music was really loud and the people were really pushy.  I didn’t really like going into that store but Belinda loved it.  She said it had all of her favorite clothes.

Then, we went into a big store with shoes everywhere!  I could smell all kinds of shoes and I could tell the difference; I’m a shoe expert!  I could spot leather shoes, dress shoes, kid’s shoes, and sneakers.  Socks and purses were on the walls, and even some Chihuahua collars were for sale with little shoe charms hanging from them!  I wish I could hop out of my carrier and get one of those sneakers!  I love to chew on them and roll on them…especially when they are old and dirty.  Belinda has taught me to never take a shoe unless she gives it to me, and she only gives me the oldest and dirtiest ones!  Luckily, she spotted those new Chihuahua collars and she chose the purple one with a little rhinestone sneaker charm and a big black buckle.  I was so excited to get a new collar!  I can add it to my collection when we get home!

The last store we went to was filled with meows and barks and tweets!  The pet store at the end of the mall was my favorite store of all!  I was allowed to get out of my carrier and run around the store.  I loved to run up and down the aisles, seeing all of the fun dog clothes and toys; sniffing the wonderful bags of foods and treats; and teasing all of the animals who are stuck in cages!  I know that I shouldn’t but it’s all in good fun.  They will be adopted soon; those pets always get snatched up pretty quick as this is a huge and popular pet store!

Soon, Belinda scooped me up and put me back into my bag.  It was a great day at the mall but now it was time to go home.  I couldn’t wait to lay out all of my Chihuahua collars and admire my big collection!


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