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Buster Goes to the Zoo

Buster Goes to the Zoo


Every morning I go through the same routine before I can roll out of Belinda and John’s bed.  First, I stretch my hind legs as far as they can reach and I wiggle my little feet.  Then, I squirm around to scratch my furry back.  Finally, my cold nose pokes around until I find Belinda and I give her a big, wet kiss!  This morning was different though, when my nose was looking for Belinda, it didn’t find her!  I immediately jumped up onto all four feet and bolted toward the bedroom door.

Belinda was humming a tune as my scrambled eggs were cooking on the stovetop.  She must have heard my nails clicking furiously on the hardwood floor because as I slid around the corner, she was right there to catch me before I crashed into the wall. “You are so silly,” Belinda said.  “Why are you in such a hurry?”  I looked up at her with my irresistible charm and wiggled so much that I plopped onto the floor.  With a little chuckle, Belinda scooped some scrambled eggs into my food bowl.  “Today is the big day, Buster,” said Belinda. “Today is the day we are going to visit the zoo!”  I have always wanted to go to the zoo.  I’ve seen so many curious animals on television and now I will get to see them in person!  I can’t wait to smell them and to see if they like me, too!

Belinda opened the drawer which held of all my Chihuahua clothes and collars.  “Which outfit should we choose for your special day?”  I don’t know, but hopefully she won’t pull out that nerdy sailor suit again, I thought.  “Oh this one will be perfect” cried Belinda!  In her hands were the most adorable Chihuahua clothes I’d ever seen.  A little yellow jumpsuit with a lion’s mane and tail and a leopard spottedChihuahua collar and leash set were all ready for me to put on.  I was going to be the best dressed dog in the zoo.

When we were all packed up for our picnic at the zoo, Belinda and John locked up and we all drove the long journey to the zoo.  Once we arrived, I was sleepy but woke up quickly when I smelled the fascinating aromas of the jungle!  My nose was alive, twitching to and fro as we passed through the various animal houses.  I would give my biscuits for a whole year if Belinda would just let me out of the carrier so I could roll around in all the smelly goodness! 

The Snake House

After walking in the bright sun, we entered a dark and cool shelter and it felt good.  This place was different than the other rooms we’ve visited because I couldn’t really smell anything.  Belinda sat my carrier down on a bench beside a huge glass enclosure while she went to the drinking fountain.  I was just minding my own business when out of nowhere, a gigantic, brown creature slid right up to me and pressed his long tongue against the glass.  I was so startled that I collided with the back of my carrier.  I hit it so hard that the whole thing fell off the bench and onto the hard floor.  Belinda came running over to see if I was alright and we quickly decided that the snake house wasn’t for little dogs that look like a snake dinner!

After a long day of monkeys, tigers, and snakes, we started off for home.  I had a really big adventure and I was really tuckered out.  I curled up on Belinda’s lap and fell fast asleep before we even got out of the parking lot.  When we rolled into our drive, Belinda carried me into the house and got me out of my lion suit.  She gave me a kiss goodnight and tucked me lovingly into bed.  I can’t wait to tell all of my friends about my exciting adventure…and I’m so glad we don’t have a pet snake.


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