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Christmas at John and Belinda’s House

Christmas at John and Belinda’s House

Christmas at John and Belinda’s House

A Special Day

My owners, John and Belinda, shower love and affection on me all year long.  And what’s not to love?  I am a handsome, fit, four year old short haired Chihuahua named Buster who is completely loyal to my owners. 

John and Belinda are generous all year long and I get many gifts throughout the year but there is one special day where they give all the animals and each other gifts.  They call this day Christmas and it only happens once a year.  I’m not sure what the significance of this day is but I like it.  I always get some great Chihuahua gifts but I have a hard time understanding the gifts they give to the other animals.

One time the rabbit got a play tunnel.  What is a rabbit going to do with a play tunnel?  John and Belinda might have thought it was a good idea but all the rabbit did was chew it to bits.  Every time they let the rabbit out to play it went straight to the tunnel and starting chewing it up.  It lasted about one week.

The Decorations

Part of this whole Christmas thing is the decorations.  For some reason my owners bring a tree into the living room and decorate it with a bunch of shiny balls and string.  The tree smells wonderful and I spend a lot of time sniffing it.  I once lifted my leg on it but found out quickly that John and Belinda didn’t like this so I just sniff it now.

I am forced to share the house with three cats and all of them are fascinated by the tree as well.  Whereas I like the tree and the way it smells, the cats seem more interested in the shiny decorations.  They spend quite a bit of time swatting at the balls and making them swing.  Every once in a while they knock one off the tree and if smashes on the ground.  John and Belinda aren’t too happy when this happens.

The cats also like the bits of shiny string on the tree and must think it tastes good because they are always eating it.  Trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t look as good coming out as it does on the tree.


Last year there was a very serious incident involving the Christmas tree where I almost got killed.  Worse than that was the fact that John and Belinda were mad at me for days.  I didn’t even do anything wrong but they blamed me anyway.

It all started when I was sniffing the tree.  I had crawled right under it so that I was surrounded by the aroma.  I was just about to curl up on the little blanket that John and Belinda always wrap around the bottom of the tree when one of the cats came running out of nowhere.  Sometimes the cats go crazy and run around the house like maniacs and then two minutes later they are sleeping or cleaning themselves.  They are very odd creatures.

This one particular day, one of the cats got crazy and ran straight at the tree and then up the trunk.  I saw the whole thing from my spot under the branches.  Once the cat got half way up it seemed to reconsider the idea and took a flying leap off the tree.  It landed safe and sound and took off down the hallway.

Unfortunately, the force of the push off started the tree rocking and almost before I knew what was happening the tree started to tip over.  I barely got out from underneath it before it crashed to the ground.  The noise was deafening and bits of decoration flew everywhere.

John and Belinda came running from the kitchen and saw the tree.  I thought the cat was going to get in trouble for sure but I was wrong.  Looking at the scene I can see how the misunderstanding might have happened.  All they saw was the fallen tree and the smashed decorations and me sitting right beside the mess, shaking and whimpering.  The evil cat was nowhere to be seen.

My owners jumped to the conclusion that I had caused the destruction and instead of comforting me, they got angry and put me in my crate while they cleaned up the mess.  The real culprit, a female black cat named Curly, slept blissfully on the bed.

To this day I have never forgiven Curly.  Sometimes the way she looks at me I swear she got me in trouble on purpose.  This year I’m staying away from the tree altogether.  There is no way I’m going to be near it when another disaster strikes.


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