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Dogs Are Not Allowed at This Hotel, Sir

Dogs Are Not Allowed at This Hotel, Sir

Dogs Are Not Allowed at This Hotel, Sir

Dogs Not Welcome

There are a lot of places that you can’t take your Chihuahua, or any dog for that matter. 

A hotel that is not “pet-friendly” is just one of these places. 

This is a story about Scott, the owner of a beautiful long haired Chi named Fifi, and what almost happened when he took his little one to a hotel that did not allow dogs.

The Soccer Tournament

Scott was a very involved father and had coached his teenage daughter’s soccer team for several years.  He had developed a strong bond with many of the girls and their families and besides the regular season games they would attend several tournaments each year.  Sometimes it was necessary to stay overnight due to the length of the tournament and the time of the scheduled games.

On one such tournament they unwittingly booked the entire team into a non-pet-friendly hotel.  Scott and his family couldn’t imagine leaving Fifi behind and so decided to smuggle her into the hotel.

It’s important to understand how much a part of the family’s life that Fifi had become.  She was a five year old, long haired Chihuahua with a sweet disposition and a beautiful face.  She was quite petite and her family treated her with love and care.  She was fortunate enough to have a family member home most days as Scott worked from home and the bond between the two of them was particularly strong.

Scott may not have wanted to admit it to everyone but he got a kick out of buying Fifi little Chihuahua gifts and the most unique Chihuahua collars he could find.  His daughter enjoyed dressing Fifi in Chihuahua clothing and having doggy photo shoots.  Fifi was an integral part of the family and they couldn’t imagine life without her.

The Hotel

When Scott realized that the hotel wouldn’t allow Fifi it was too late to change the reservation so he concocted a plan to get his beloved pet into the hotel.  He knew that once he got her into the room she would be quiet enough that no one would know she was there.

After the various families on the team had checked into the hotel, they all went to get their luggage.  Scott slipped Fifi into a duffle bag and carried her undetected through the hotel lobby and up to his room.  Success!

As the girls checked out each other’s room, two of the soccer families hatched their own plan – a practical joke plan.  As the entire team congregated in Scott’s family hotel room, his phone rang.

A nasal toned voice came on the line, “Sir, this is the front desk calling.  We’ve had a report of the presence of a dog in your room, Sir.”

This last sentence was met with complete silence from Scott.  He couldn’t imagine how the front desk had found out about Fifi.  Nobody on the team would have reported him because he had known them all for years.  His next panicked thought was what was going to happen.  Would they kick him out of the hotel?  Could they call an animal shelter and confiscate Fifi?

Before he could answer, the nasal toned voice spoke again.  “Are you aware that dogs are not allowed at this hotel, Sir.  We have a strict policy about pets at the hotel and there are consequences for those guests who chose to try to break the rules.”

Scott starting stuttering.  He was trying to decide whether to be honest or try to bluff his way out of the situation.  Everyone in the hotel room had gone quiet, realizing that something was going on. 

Again, before he could answer the voice cut him off.  This time the tone was different and there was laughter.  “It’s me, Scott.  It’s Shelly.  We’re just playing a joke on you.  The front desk doesn’t know about Fifi.”

One of the parent’s had been playing a practical joke!  Scott sighed with relief and had to see the humour in the whole situation.  He hung up the phone and turned to the room.  Every member of the team burst into laughter – they had all known about the prank and had been waiting to see his panicked reaction.

Next time he was going to do his research.  Only hotels that allowed pets from now on.  His heart couldn’t handle another situation like that.


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