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Easter Part 1

When I woke up this morning I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the kitchen to see what Belinda had cooking for me and when I got there, who else was sitting in my doggie bed but that crazy rabbit!  What on earth was he doing in the house and worse yet, in my bed?

“Happy Easter, Buster!  I didn’t think you’d ever get up today!  We have a big day planned.  Little Lucie from down the street is coming over with some of her friends and we are going to have an Easter egg hunt!  Look, here’s our Easter bunny!” she said while holding the rabbit out in front of me.  The rabbit was so fat that as Belinda held him out to me his big cheeks smooshed up and made his eyes close.  “I want to get you all dressed up.  I went shopping this morning and bought you a new Easter Chihuahua outfit and collar to wear, especially for today!”  With that, Belinda put down the rabbit that commenced pooping all over the kitchen floor, and started buzzing about the kitchen like she was on fire.  I guessed that there was no breakfast for me so I left the kitchen as quickly as I could, without that crazy rabbit noticing me.

I started roaming around the house looking for John, maybe he could feed me.  As I made my way into the hallway and living room I began to notice the elaborate decorations Belinda had strung up.  There were strands of lights that looked like carrots and eggs hanging between the living room and kitchen.  There were stuffed bunnies dressed in fancy dresses; some holding baskets and some with chicks.  There were plastic eggs in the oddest places; under cushions and pillows, between the walls and furniture, and on the window sill.  Easter was indeed a strange holiday for children.  The strangest notion of all was bunnies laying eggs!

Once I got to the bathroom door, I could hear John humming a tune to the sound of his electric razor.  Since the door was partially open, I easily squeezed in.  “Hey there big guy!” said John.  I rubbed across the back of his leg and sat down behind him.  I let out a few cries and moans while looking up at him with sad eyes.  “What’s wrong buddy?  Do you have to go potty?” No, I just sat there.  “Do you want to go for a ride?”  I raised an eyebrow, that did sound good, but I had my mind set on some food. “Did you get your breakfast?  Are you hungry?” Yes, bingo!  I began jumping up and down and spinning in quick, little circles.  “Ok, Buster.  Let me finish shaving and I will get your breakfast.  I think I have some leftovers for you, too!”  John always could figure me out.  I waited patiently for him to finish and then we walked to the kitchen together; well, he walked and I spun around his legs!

In the kitchen, Belinda was sweeping up rabbit poop and had another pot of eggs boiling on the stove.  “I’m glad you finally got that rabbit out of here, what a mess!” exclaimed John.  He must have been reading my mind.  “I know, I know” said Belinda.  “It’s Easter though, and he never comes inside.  I thought it would be fun for the kids to see him hopping around the house.  I guess we’ll move the party to the back yard.”  She began taking the bowls of goodies and hard boiled eggs out to the pretty table she had set up outside.

While I was watching Belinda, John poured some food into my Chihuahua bowl and chopped up some of her hard boiled eggs to sprinkle onto my food.  Finally, breakfast!


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