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Finding a Reputable Breeder

Finding a Reputable Breeder

Checking the Internet

Finding a good breeder when you are looking for a new Chihuahua is worth the effort.  It is important to find a pup with a good temperament and a family history of good health before you buy.  It is also vital to know exactly what you are getting into before you fall in love with your new Chi. 

The internet is a wonderful tool in allowing you to find breeders both near and far.  In the best case scenario you want to be able to visit the breeder and meet your new pup’s mother so try not to pick a breeder that is too far afield.

If you are good at searching online, try to find a Chihuahua chat room and ask opinions about different breeders you have researched.  Just remember that you can’t always take what you read online as gospel and that you often get more comments from disgruntled people than happy ones.

Ask Your Veterinarian

Staff at your local veterinarian hospital can sometimes provide the names of reputable Chihuahua breeders.  There are several ways that staff will become aware of a breeder.  Often they simply have better access to breeder directories and will be able to give you a list of local breeders registered with the directory.

Sometimes veterinary staff will hear about breeder recommendations from other clients.  If enough happy Chi owners have spoken highly about a breeder that is a name they are happy and willing to pass along.

The best recommendation will be for a breeder who actually attends that particular veterinarian.  The vet will know the health standard of the puppies, the general beliefs of the breeder in question and can assure you that all puppies come vet checked and vaccinated.

When asking veterinary staff for recommendations try to find out how they know the breeder.  Staff should be more than willing to give you whatever information they can and will openly tell you if they are simply looking at a breed directory or whether they know the breeder as a client.

Chihuahua Owners

The absolute best way to find a good Chihuahua breeder is by word of mouth.  Ask other Chihuahua owners where they got their pet.  Perhaps you will see a long haired Chihuahua of exactly the right size and coat colour that you’re looking for.  If that pup is also well mannered with an even temperament and is free from physical defects, then follow up with the breeder they recommend. 

Chihuahua owners are happy to talk about their pets.  The bond between Chi and owner is very strong and Chi owners often underplay temperament issues with their pets.  Have a little visit with the dog yourself if possible.  When you approach is the dog happy and curious or fearful and aggressive?  Use your judgment about whether this is a dog from a breeder you wish to meet.

Things to Look For

Reputable breeders will be happy to show you around their home.  If you encounter reluctance on this point it is a sign that the breeding situation is less than ideal.  You should be able to meet your pup’s mother and have a chance to assess her temperament.

Mother and pups should have ample opportunity to interact with other members of the household, both human and animal.  Early socialization is extremely important in getting an even tempered pet.  The dogs should be able to move about freely with supervision and shouldn’t be restrained with a Chihuahua collar at this early age.

Good breeders are concerned about the welfare of their animals and don’t over breed their dogs.  They will also be concerned about the health of any puppy you chose and may even want to do a visit to your home to make sure that you will be a good Chi owner.  Don’t take this as an insult.  This is the sign of someone who truly cares for the puppies they sell and wants to ensure many years of health and happiness.

Choosing a new puppy is a very exciting but daunting task.  Select a breeder that you “click” with because they are often great sources of information for the entire lifetime of your Chi.  


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