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Fluffy and I

Fluffy and I

Fluffy and I

My Life With Fluffy

Fluffy is a lop-eared rabbit that shares the same house as I do.  I’m Buster, a short haired Chihuahua living with my two owners, John and Belinda, and their assortment of animals.  Fluffy is just one of five animals in the house including three cats and a tortoise.

In case you didn’t notice I didn’t include myself among the animals.  Animals are pets, whereas I am John and Belinda’s constant companion and best friend.  I consider myself to be much more than a pet.

Fluffy came into our lives about two years ago and I am still trying to determine the purpose of this creature.  It doesn’t like to play, it doesn’t sit on my owners laps, it doesn’t warn against visitors and it isn’t even nice.  I’m not sure what John and Belinda see in it but they seem to like Fluffy.

I’m not even sure if Fluffy is a boy or a girl.  It’s pretty aggressive so I’m assuming a boy.  I met a long haired Chihuahua at the dog park once who had the same attitude and he was a boy.  I’m male and I don’t act tough and try to attack things – except maybe the mailman but he deserves it – so I’m not sure why some creatures act this way.

The Unfortunate Incident

One day when Fluffy was out for one of his runs I decided to try to play.  I started barking at him to tell him what I had in mind, but he was so stupid he didn’t understand anything I had to say.  He just kept running around, flipping his back legs in the air and acting silly.  Every time I got close to him he took off running again.

Finally I got close when he was in the corner and tried one last time to initiate conversation.  For the first time in two years I got a response.  Fluffy grunted.  I didn’t even know that rabbits could grunt, but that’s definitely what it was.  I tried to understand what he meant by the grunt.

As I was thinking it over, he grunted again and turned to face me.  That’s when I noticed the look in his eye.  It wasn’t a friendly look.  I started getting a little nervous and looked around for John or Belinda.  I want to make it clear that I wasn’t afraid but I was nervous that if Fluffy started something I would have to get rough.  I knew my owners wouldn’t like that.

John and Belinda were sitting at the table oblivious to the change in Fluffy’s attitude.  As I turned back to the rabbit he charged at me.  This was not a playful running game he was starting, he was running at me to attack!  I couldn’t believe it after all the times I had tried to play with him.

Before I knew it he flipped his back end into the air and squirted me.  He hit me right on the head.  He peed right on the top of my head!  I was so furious I couldn’t think straight.  How dare he do that to me?  Doesn’t he know who I am?

I am Buster, short haired Chihuahua friend of John and Belinda.  I am the owner of a drawer full of fancy Chihuahua clothes and fabulous Chihuahua collars.  I have been taken to special classes so that I could learn Chihuahua training tips so that my owners would know how to behave.  I am much more important that this rabbit.

When the incident occurred I’m ashamed to say I ran.  I ran straight to John’s legs and tried to jump on his lap.  I want you to understand that Fluffy is a lot bigger than I am and I was afraid that he was really going to try to hurt me.  I know that I could have won the fight but I didn’t want to hurt Fluffy.

Since that day, I’ve steered clear of Fluffy.  I have never understood what made his attack that day but I don’t plan to give him another chance.  One other thing was really puzzling as well – why were John and Belinda laughing so much?


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