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Green Eggs and Ham

Time was ticking by slowly as I was waiting for my breakfast.  Belinda had been babysitting all morning and had just finished reading a Dr.Seuss book to little Sam when he complained about being hungry.  She said he could have a bowl of cereal but he insisted on having green eggs and ham.  Terrific, now I’ll be waiting forever to eat!

Belinda smiled at Sam and said of course she’d make him green eggs and ham.  She asked me if I wanted some too so I barked and wiggled wildly around her ankles so she was certain that I did!  As Belinda headed off to the kitchen, Sam and I began building a fort made of blankets to stretch across the living room.

Sam had every blanket in the house piled up in the hallway.  There was a fuzzy blue blanket stretching from the couch to John’s chair.  The smooth green comforter went from the coffee table over to the chair.  The orange afghan hung over the side table and slipped over the door knob.  When everything was set up, the fort covered the entire living room and half the hallway!  Sam stood back to admire his fort and a big smile appeared on his face.  “Let’s go, Buster!” Sam yelled as he took off toward the fort.

It was a little dark inside since there were no windows included in the fort.  Belinda gave Sam a flashlight and he made his way to the little room near the back.  He sat down, cross-legged, and called me over.  I trotted through the big fort with ease, after all,

Chihuahua‘s love to dig through blankets.  The rooms were really big compared to how small I was and even Sam got through them pretty well.  As I sat in his lap, he made shadow puppets on the blanket walls with his flashlight.  First he made a butterfly, wings flapping crazily as he tried to hold the flashlight at the same time.  Next he made a bunny with little ears.  Then, I made a monster as I had a big, wide yawn and the charm on myChihuahua collar dangled and danced in the shadow.  Sam laughed.

“Okay boys, breakfast is ready,” shouted Belinda.  I heard dishes and forks clanging on the kitchen table as the smell of cheesy eggs wafted into our fort.  Sam scrambled out and I followed him with the flashlight cord strapped around my ankle.  Belinda made a place for me next to Sam and scraped some green eggs and ham into my dish.  They smelled so good that I could barely stand it!  The fluffy green eggs were filled with cheddar cheese and the ham was just some leftover lunch meat from yesterday’s meal.  Belinda put a little green food coloring in to give everything a green tinge, even the glass of milk!

“That was a really fun breakfast Belinda,” said Sam.  Belinda smiled and then sent him off to brush his teeth.  I finished my breakfast and licked every last spot of my bowl.  “Wouldn’t it be fun if every breakfast was a different color Buster,” said Belinda as she patted my belly.  I was so full that I just flopped over and licked her hand.  This was the best morning ever!


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