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Introducing Your Chihuahua to Your Cat

Introducing Your Chihuahua to Your Cat

What to Do Before Your Start

Before you try to introduce your new Chi puppy to your cat there are a few things to do in preparation.  The first thing to do is trim your cat’s toenails.  Many small dogs have received serious eye injuries from the quick swat of a cat’s paw, so a trim is in order.  

Get a supply of dog and cat treats at the ready.  Rewarding good behaviour is essential for both pets and can often distract them from each other.  Finally, make sure your puppy has an appropriate sized Chihuahua collar or harness.  You made need to restrain your puppy if it shows signs of aggression towards your cat.

Slow and Steady

The single most important thing to remember when introducing your puppy to your cat is to stay patient and calm.  It may take several weeks until the animals are comfortable around each other and until that time, you will need to act as chaperone for all interactions.  Trying to rush the relationship will only lead to set backs and possible injuries.

Chihuahuas can be fearful at times and this fear causes them to react aggressively.  Male puppies in particular may want to try to dominate your cat so be prepared to correct any signs of aggressive behaviour.  

The First Meeting

The first time you physically introduce your Chi to your cat make sure that your puppy has on its collar and leash.  Have your treats ready and close at hand.  Try sitting on the couch with your cat on your lap or on the seat next to you.  Keep your Chi on the floor and step on the leash if necessary to stop the dog from jumping on the couch.

Keep a watchful eye on your cat in case it feels threatened and decides to go on the attack.  Let your Chi puppy sniff as close to the cat as the cat will allow and reward both animals with treats. Continue the encounter as long as the cat will stay, then let the cat leave and reward your puppy with a treat and lots of affection.

Try to repeat this process several times per day or as often as the cat will allow.  Each time the cat should become more relaxed as it realizes that the dog cannot harm it.  Slowly let the dog move in closer until both animals are on the seat together, probably with you in the middle.

Dealing with Problems

If you have been trying to introduce your Chihuahua to your cat unsuccessfully for a while, it may be time to seek professional help.  Contact an expert who can offer Chihuahua training tips which will help your puppy stay calm during encounters with the cat.  

Some Chis become so excited when they see a cat that they begin barking and jumping.  This behaviour will do nothing but scare the cat and unless you can find ways to put a stop to it, the dreams you have of your Chi and the cat snuggling together have no hope of happening.

Chihuahuas and cats can live in peace and sometimes even develop friendly, affectionate relationships.  If you manage to reach a state of calm where neither animal is trying to attack the other, don’t push things any further.  Let them have whatever boundaries they need to make the relationship work.

Make sure to give affection and attention to both of your pets.  The quickest way to upset either animal is to shower affection on the other.  With love, patience and the occasional food reward, your puppy and cat will soon be the best of friends, or at least reach a stage where they agree to ignore each other.


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