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Introducing Your Chihuahua to Your New Baby

Introducing Your Chihuahua to Your New Baby

Introducing Your Chihuahua to Your New Baby


If you are the owner of a Chihuahua, then you already have one baby.  Many Chihuahua owners feel that their Chi is their child, and it is easy to feel that way about these lovable, cute little creatures. 


However, there comes a time in many Chi owners’ lives when they are faced with the question of introducing dogs to babies or children comes up.  If your Chihuahua is a pampered little soul (as many are) this can be a tricky situation. Here are a few ideas:


Take It Slow


When it comes to the problem of introducing dogs to babies or children, the most important thing to remember is to take it slow. Until now, your Chihuahua has been the only ‘child’ in your home and it is very likely that he or she will be jealous or resentful for a little while at least. Do not try to force the issue, and if your dog seems aggressive or aloof, give it time. 


Opt for Short, Supervised Introductions


Babies and children are not usually the most gentle people. It is not uncommon for them to hurt your dog accidentally, and your dog’s natural reaction will probably be to defend his or her self. 


Make sure, when you are introducing dogs to babies or children, that you opt for short introductions, a few minutes at most, and that you supervise those introductions at all times. That way, you can step in if your child, or your dog, has a bad attitude!


Teach Children to be Gentle


A tug on the ears, or a yank on the tail may be your child’s first reaction when introduced to your dog, but it is not pleasant for your dog! When introducing dogs to babies or children, make sure that you always emphasise the importance of being gentle with your dog. Hold your child’s hand while he or she strokes your dog, and show your child how to pet them gently. 


Make Time for Your Dog


A new baby in the home is often the focus of all the attention in your home and that can lead in only one direction – jealousy. Make sure that no matter how enraptured you are with your child, you still make time for your dog. Stick to your regular walk and play routines, and spend as much time as you can, while your baby is sleeping or at day care, with your dog. You could even enlist your partner’s help if you are finding it tricky to manage both!


Spoil Your Dog!


If you are worried that your Chihuahua will feel left out by the arrival of your new baby, then why not spoil your pooch a little?  Chihuahua gifts like toys, clothing, or a new basket will go a long way to reminding your Chi that you know they are special!


Introducing a dog to babies or children is a long process, and there is likely to be mistrust or at the very least wariness to begin with.  In most cases, however, it is just a matter of gradually getting used to each other, and you should find, in time, that your Chihuahua and your child become firm friends.


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