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My New Gifts

My New Gifts

Well, so much has come to pass these last few weeks.  Meeting Belinda’s old friend, Monica and finding out that I have some huge responsibilities as a big brother have been fascinating and sensational!  I wake up every day and despite those stolid cats and that reprehensible rabbit, I think about how utterly lucky I am to be me!

Before leaving Monica’s house that first day we all met each other, she presented me with a perfectly lovely little gift box, all tied up so neat and tidy.  I was so excited to see what was waiting for me inside that I nearly wiggled right out of my skin!  I glanced up to see what Belinda was doing and she was holding little Chevy and fixing her bow.  She told me to go ahead and open the box, so I did!  Opening presents is one of my favorite things to do.  When I was little I just tore everything apart and made a big mess out of it, but now that I am older, I am careful to not tear anything.  Slowly, I took one end of the ribbon between my teeth and pulled it until it unraveled.  Then, I found that sticky tape and chewed it right off.  Once that was done, I whirled around the box so quickly with my mouth and paws that the wrapping paper slipped right off of the box.  Monica held the box out to me and lifted off the top.

When I saw the sparkle, I knew what was inside that box; it was a brand new Chihuahua collar, just for me!  Belinda must have told her how much I love getting unique Chihuahua gifts and adorable Chihuahua clothes because this was the most perfect present I could hope for!  When she reached inside the box and pulled out my new collar, I ran over to her and lifted my little head high so she could slip it around my neck.  The collar was bright purple, just like Chevy’s bow, and had a silver football with the name “Buster” engraved into it.  Monica slipped the collar over my head and read to me the back of the tag, which said, “Love your sister, Chevy.”  I looked over at Chevy who was now sleeping in her princess bed under the kitchen table.  Then, I looked over at Belinda who had a little tear running down her cheek.  Belinda and Monica gave each other a big hug before getting ready to go home.

As Belinda was gathering her things together, I walked over to Chevy and gently licked her nose.  She was an adorable little pup with long beige hair and big brown eyes.  Her energy was contagious and I knew that I would grow fond of her jovial ways.  She reluctantly opened one round eye which seemed to sparkle with happiness and then she drifted off to sleep once more.

Monica walked us to the front door and we all started down the cobblestone sidewalk.  While the ladies were making plans for a lunch date, I heard the doggie-door burst open and saw Chevy scrambling toward me in a frenzy of flying fur!  With one swoop, she tackled me on the lawn and we tumbled through the grass and into a pile of old newspapers.  There, we got all of our sniffing out of the way and I did, indeed, realize how similar we were!  I never met another dog who smelled just like me, and who clicked with me that way Chevy did, what a treat, indeed!  Being united with Chevy and getting my special collar are the best gifts that I’ve ever received!

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