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Naming Your Chihuahua

Naming Your Chihuahua

What’s In A Name?

In ancient times people were named after the jobs they performed.  Some of our simple last names came from this time period.  The local miller was called Miller, the local Painter was called Painter, and the local farmer was called Farmer.  Obviously we’ve expanded from this simplistic form of naming.

Many names have their origin in a meaning.  Aboriginal names are perhaps the ones we associate most often with this phenomenon.  However, the origin of many first and last names is simply a mystery. 

Animal naming has also become more sophisticated.  We don’t simply turn around to the farm work dog and whistle or call “Dog” to get a response.  In Western culture dogs have become members of our family and are treated as such.  Therefore, they need a well thought out name to fit their status within the family structure.

Chihuahua Names

Often you can’t pick a name for your new Chi until you’ve lived with them for a few days.  You need to assess their personality, find out some of their funny little quirks and figure out which name feels right for them.

Some people have a name picked out before they ever find their Chi but this probably isn’t as common.  If you’ve have your heart set on owning a long haired Chihuahua named Tiny since you were a child, you’re unlikely to be swayed from the name now.

If there are children in your household you may want to let them name the new addition.  Be prepared for a simplistic name.  It would be interesting to see how many new dogs are named “Puppy” and how many cats are named “Kitty” because the kids did the naming.

Most of us need to look at our dog and assess whether or not a name fits them before we use it.  Sometimes we use the name for a couple of day to see if it works.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Naming your Chi something funny like “Goliath” only works if your Chi has a big attitude and you have a quirky sense of humour.

There are internet sites devoted to helping you find a name for your new Chi.   There are sites specific to Chihuahuas and sites that encompass all dog breeds.  The most popular male dog name in the United States according to the US Department of Health is “Max”, while the most popular female dog name is “Maggie”.

Popular Chihuahua names include the cutesy ones you would expect:  Gizmo, Bambam, Chi Chi, Tikki and Tinkerbell.  Teenie and Tiny must be on that list somewhere as well.  Other popular names seemed to be figured around stereotypical male and female names.  Rocky and Rusty are strong male names which denote a rough and tumble character and are popular with Chi owners.  For female Chis the dainty princess type names are common:  Belle, Peaches or Honey for example.

A Name is A Name

Whatever you decide to name your Chi make sure it is a name you can live with for many years.  The average Chi lives 10-15 years so don’t chose a name in a fit of cutesy one night that you don’t think you can live with in a couple of years time.

Ultimately the name has to suit you almost more than your Chihuahua.  Your Chihuahua will answer to any name you pick as long as you have developed a bond.  Try to keep in mind the types of activities you will be doing with your Chi when you are thinking of names.  If you plan on spending a lot of time dressing your male Chi in fancy Chihuahua clothing perhaps a name that is fancier than “Rusty” would be appropriate.  If your little girl Chi will be constantly decked out in the fanciest rhinestone encrusted Chihuahua collars then a name like “Precious” or “Princess” or even “Paris” would be ideal.

Have fun with your Chi and take your time picking a name you love.  Both you and your little one will have to live with it for a long time to come.


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