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Our New Neighbour

Our New Neighbour



Belinda and I went out for a walk on this most beautiful, sun-shiny day and she told me that I was in for a big surprise!  I was so excited that I could barely walk straight; I was skipping and swerving all over the road and getting my leash all tangled up between her feet.  She kept telling me to settle down, but I just couldn’t help myself; it isn’t every day that I get to enjoy a surprise!

The sun was so warm on my short coat and the grass smelled extra sweet.  Maybe it was because I was so excited, anticipating the surprise at the end of the walk.  Maybe it was the heavenly aroma coming from the covered dish that Belinda was carrying with her.  Whatever it was, this day was special, and I could feel it!

As I was racing around the side of the road, tripping over my own feet, a great big truck raced by and caused such a stir that the wind almost blew me over!  I was so startled that I stopped in my tracks and curiously cocked my head to the side.  Belinda was half amused by my precious astonishment but her patience was quickly running out because of my terribly inappropriate behavior on the leash.  I gestured to her with my very best “I’m sorry” eyes and vowed to behave.

Although our house is on a quiet street with not many neighbors, it seemed as though we had been walking forever.  Time really does seem to pass slowly when you are awaiting a big surprise!  Finally, we turned down a drive that I had never seen before.  The house was so pretty, like a little fairy-tale cottage.  There were roses with scary thorns and lots of thick grape vines draping over the white picket fence.  As we neared the house, I saw a tiny dog house that was a mirror image of the big home, right under the big willow tree by the creek.  My heart skipped a beat; there were not many dogs that could fit into a house that little.  Suddenly, I caught the scent of what seemed to be oatmeal and oranges and I realized that it was my shampoo; the special blend that Belinda makes just for my gleaming short coat.  I haven’t had a bath in a while so where was that wonderful smell coming from?  I don’t smell bad, but I don’t smell that good either!  Suddenly, like a whirlwind, a tiny long haired Chihuahua with a big purple bow in her hair, raced out from the little house to greet us.

I was taken by such surprise when I saw that new girl running at me that I backed up behind Belinda’s legs and hid my face.  I know I am supposed to be fierce in the face of the unknown, but this unknown was too spunky and too spry for me to comprehend what exactly was happening.  By the time I could show my face, there was a strange lady standing beside the little Chihuahua, who was now lying down, panting furiously, with her floppy bow half undone and hanging in the grass.  Belinda picked me up when she noticed how overcome I was and we all walked into the little cottage, with the mysterious little chi scurrying quickly behind.


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