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The Bad Night’s Sleep

The Bad Night’s Sleep
 I was so cranky when I woke up this morning that Belinda didn’t know what to do with me.  I couldn’t sleep all night long because John was sick and when he’s sick, he snores!  I tried to move to all different rooms but I either couldn’t get comfortable or I couldn’t escape that earth-shattering snoring!  Finally, I settled on a pillow that was propped up next to the rabbit cage in the garage.

It was horrifying that I was in the garage with this rabbit rather than in my bed next to Belinda and John, right where this Chihuahua should be, but I just couldn’t take the noise any longer.  I turned in circles about a dozen times and plopped down on the big pillow; at least it was quiet out here, I thought.  After a while, I finally felt my big eyes starting to get heavier and heavier until they closed tight.  I drifted off to sleep and when I started to wake up; the sun was peeking into the garage window.  I reluctantly opened one eye and found another big eye staring right back at me!  I jumped up in shock, forgetting where I was, and bumped my head against the tire of the car.  Then, I heard a little metal clunk and looked down.  There was my brand new Chihuahua collar, lying broken on the concrete floor.  What on earth had happened to my collar!  I went over to sniff it and look at it more closely.  Right next to the buckle was a bunch of frayed pieces of collar that looked like they had been chewed right in half.  I was very confused and went back to sit down on the pillow.  That’s when I saw it, pieces of my collar sticking out from the rabbit cage.

When I realized that the rabbit had chewed my collar off while I was sleeping, I was furious!  I showed him my pointy, little teeth and barked at him very sternly.  He didn’t even care.  He just sat there with one ear up and one ear down, chewing on a piece of hay.  What a ridiculous animal, I thought, as I watched him stare blankly back at me.  I guess all of the commotion woke Belinda up because she crept out into the dimly lit garage with a baseball bat.

“Oh Buster, geeze, you scared me so bad!  What on earth are you doing out here?”  She brought me back into the house, which was warm and comfy after being in the cold garage all night long.  “I guess you were trying to find a quiet place, huh?  I couldn’t sleep either.”  She poured some oatmeal into a bowl and sat down on the couch to eat it.  I snuggled up to her warm robe and when she was done, I licked her strawberry oatmeal bowl.  She gave me a kiss on the nose and I licked her chin.

A few hours passed and John woke up as good as new.  “Wow guys, I slept great last night!  I feel good enough to go back to work today so I will see you for dinner.”  John gave us both a hug goodbye.  Belinda and I looked at each other with sleepy eyes and we raced back into the bedroom.  We both fluffed up the covers and climbed in.  John would be gone for a while before we had to make dinner.  “This is perfect, Buster!  Now we can get our sleep” Belinda said with a sneeze and a sniffle.  I started to drift off to sleep just as Belinda started snoring!


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