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The Big Day – Rocky Gets Neutered

The Big Day – Rocky Gets Neutered



What’s with my owner today?  She’s forgetting everything.  She didn’t give me a treat when I went to bed last night and now she has forgotten to give me breakfast.  I think she might be ignoring me.  I tried to gently remind her by patting her leg but she is being completely brainless today. 

When my gentle reminders don’t do anything I have to resort to more drastic measures.  I will be so loud and obnoxious that she will be forced to look at me and give me breakfast.  I start to bark my big boy bark.  It’s pretty forceful and I couple it with a few jumps worthy of Olympic high jumpers.  Unfortunately, I guess the sheer magnitude of my barking backfires when my owner chooses to protect her eardrums and leave the room.


At The Hospital

This day is getting weirder by the minute.  First of all I never did get breakfast and my tummy is rumbling like crazy and now we are at that strange place where they always poke me and then give me a cookie.  Except they didn’t give me a cookie. 

Now my owner is walking away and leaving me with these people.  I start to whine a little bit.  I try to be brave because I am a big boy but when none of them explain what is going on it’s a little scary.  They put me in a cage like the one I have at home and I can hear another dog in a cage next to me.

Hey, maybe this is a play centre for dogs.  I went to one once and it was great fun.  I ran around so much that I had to sleep for hours afterward.  There were so many great things to see and smell it was almost too much for me – but I loved it.  Except now that I think of it they didn’t use cages there.

When they take me out of the cage I am very happy.  I’m ready to play and be friendly but these people hold me too tight and then try to poke me with something sharp in my leg.  I start to struggle a little bit and when they hold me even tighter I try to give them a little nip just to show them who’s boss.

I’m pretty gentle when I have to discipline these people because I know that I could really hurt them if I tried.  The poking is over so now I assume I will be getting a cookie.  Instead I find myself getting very sleepy.  It’s not time for my nap yet so I don’t know why I am so tired.  I might just have to have a little sleeeee……


Going Home

I can hear my owner’s voice which means hopefully I’m going home soon.  I’m almost embarrassed to have her see me.  I’m a long haired Chihuahua and something happened while I was napping because my beautiful coat is all gone from my tummy area.  I have no idea what these people did to me but my back end hurts a little bit too.

I hope my owner brought me something to wear.  I have a lot of handsome Chihuahua clothes that will help cover up the bald spot so I hope she thought to bring something. 

There she is!  I don’t care about the coat or the bald spot or anything.  I just want to go home.


Later That Evening

I don’t know what’s going on but I like it.  My owner hasn’t let me out of her sight since we got home.  She has spent so much time talking to me and petting me I’m beginning to feel incredibly spoiled.  I know I deserve it because I was such a good boy today but she keeps giving me treats until I’m sure I’ll ruin my dinner.

When she gets ready for bed she puts me on my doggy bed in her room.  I’m happy because even though I had a really long nap earlier I’m still pretty tired from all the excitement of the day.  Just as I’m about to settle down she comes at me with a big plastic thing that looks like one of the lamps in the living room.

Even though I struggle she manages to tie it around my neck.  It is the ugliest, most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever worn.  It’s even worse than the leather vest she once made me wear that had “Biker Boy” written on the back.  I managed to get out of that vest and I’ll get out of this horrible hat as well.  As soon as she turns off the light, I’ll do my Houdini act.  Besides I can’t lick myself with this thing on – it makes no sense at all. 





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