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The Cookie Bandit

The Cookie Bandit



The day was sunny and bright so Belinda decided to go for a walk down to the store.  The little corner store was one of my very favorite places to go for lots of reasons.  The owner, Miss Alice, didn’t mind one bit if I came into the store to sniff around a little bit.  Some stores really don’t like dogs coming in and will put signs up to say so.  I find it quite rude, but I must admit that I have met some dogs which I would never want coming into my home because of their smelly fur or ferocious attitude.  I don’t know why people must lump us altogether as “dogs.”  Another reason I love Miss Alice’s store so much is that she has a big glass jar behind the counter with the word “TREATS” taped to it.  That jar has the most delicious apple and oatmeal cookies that I have ever tasted!

Belinda tickled my belly and slipped my orange Chihuahua collar over my head.  She tucked me into my grey sweatshirt and we headed out the door.  As we were walking down the sidewalk, I saw a few of my friends.  Bella, the long haired Chihuahua who lived down the street, was taking a walk, too.  As Belinda and Bella’s mom were talking, she and I started sniffing each other hello.  Bella was always kind of uptight and never really liked it when I’d perform some of my best sniffing on her.  I don’t know why, I only did it because she always smelled so good!  Lately though, Bella has been even more uppity than usual and I suspect it’s because of her new boyfriend; the poodle that moved in next door to her last month.  Why anybody would choose a pompous poodle over me, I have no idea.  Bella circled around Belinda and sat on the opposite side of me with her head turned precariously upward and her tail wrapped tightly around her back legs.  I just wanted to go to the store!  I jumped up and started to paw at Belinda, the bell on my Chihuahua outfit jingling like an alarm.  “Okay, okay, Buster!”  Belinda said, and off we went.

As we walked into the store, Miss Alice ran out to greet me with a big, warm cookie from the treat jar.  This is just what I was hoping for!  I graciously took the big cookie and scurried over to the sunny corner near the big window to gobble it up.  Belinda grabbed a little basket and started to do some shopping while I was enjoying my snack.

Just as I circled around a few times to find a comfortable spot, something darted toward me.  It was so fast that I could barely make out what it was.  When I looked down, a chunk of my cookie had disappeared!  If it wasn’t the chunk with the juicy piece of apple, I might not have cared, but it was; so I did!  I hopped to my feet and darted in the direction of the mysterious thief, following a trail of cookie crumbs all the way.  When I could go no further, I saw a little hole near the corner of the room, just big enough for a mouse!  As I investigated the strange hole, I poked my little nose in and out of it to catch the scent of the cookie-burglar.  Sure enough, when I stepped back, a tiny grey mouse with a great big cookie poked his head out of the hole and started nibbling on his treasure.  If he wasn’t so cute, I’d probably be very angry at him for taking my cookie.  Instead, I went back to my spot, picked up my piece, and laid down next to the mouse-house.  After all, we were just two little creatures, enjoying the sun and sharing a cookie.


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