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The School Adventure

Today we got a call from Eloise’s mom and she asked Belinda for a favor.  Belinda was talking to her for quite a while and jotting down a lot of stuff onto the notebook she kept beside the couch.  When she hung up the phone, she had a really excited look on her face and she ran off into the bedroom.

I followed Belinda, as curious as could be!  I hopped up onto the bed and gave her an inquisitive look as she pulled out the drawer that holds all of my Chihuahua clothes and collars.  Belinda told me that we had something very exciting to do and that it was going to be lots of fun!  She started sorting through my outfits and picking out the most adorable ones and putting them into a bag.

I really couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I laid down with a “hmphhhhh” and let out a big sigh.  Belinda figured I was frustrated and she told me about our plans.  “Buster, tomorrow we are going to be special guests at Eloise’s school, isn’t that exciting?”  Was it ever!  I jumped up and began running in little circles around the bed and jumping up to lick Belinda on the nose.  “We have to pick out some cute outfits and collars to show all of the kids how adorable you are!”  I was so excited that I could barely stand it; dressing up was one of my favorite things to do!  It was really hard to fall asleep because I couldn’t wait for the morning.

The next day, we packed my things up and drove to Eloise’s school.  All of the children were sitting in a circle on the floor when we got there and I was a little nervous as I peeked out of my Chihuahua carrier.  There were so many faces and so many new smells that I wasn’t sure where to begin!  I was really happy to see Eloise.  She came over and gave me a big kiss on the forehead.  Belinda and I sat down in the big chair in the middle of the circle of kids.  One by one, they came up to me to pet my beautiful coat.  As each little hand reached for me, I could smell a banquet of delicious foods; peanut butter, chocolate, strawberries, ham, pretzels, cheese (yuck!), and cookies were all wafting through the air and making my stomach grumble.  Once they were all done poking at me, Belinda had a lot of questions to answer.  One little boy asked if I was going to get any bigger because I didn’t look like a dog at all.  Another little girl wanted to know if I can change colors to match my clothes.  Finally, a kid that was walking past the room shouted out that I looked like a rat!  I must say, I have never been in a room with so many little kids and really had no idea how strange they could be!

When we were leaving, the teacher handed Belinda a whole box of treats as a thank you for coming to the classroom.  On our way home, I munched on one of them and fell asleep in my carrier.  That was a really big day with a lot of brand new faces!  I was so tired out that I slept all night long and couldn’t wait for a nice quiet day with just me and Belinda.

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