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What You Need for Your New Chihuahua Puppy

What You Need for Your New Chihuahua Puppy

You’ve just brought home your brand new Chi puppy and can’t believe how cute and adorable it is.  Hopefully you spent a little time planning for this new arrival and have all the necessary items available so that your puppy settles in quickly to your home.  If you feel unprepared, don’t worry, because this article will discuss all the basics to get you started.

Supply Basics

Your new Chi puppy will need all the same basics as other dogs – except in miniature!  Food and water dishes should be small so that you don’t overwhelm your puppy.  Bigger bowls also cause owners to overfeed their small dogs which can lead to obesity and related health issues.

Many Chi owners have their pet sleep in the bed with them, but you need to be careful that you don’t roll on them in the night.  Their small size means they could be easily injured.  Otherwise, provide your new puppy with a dog bed and find a special spot in the house for it.  Perhaps in your bedroom where you can see the puppy, and it can see you, is a spot that will work.

Small dog toys are very helpful in providing entertainment and stress relief for your Chi.  The new situation of coming to your house can be stressful and chewing helps dogs of all breeds relieve stress.  Also your puppy may be teething and chew toys help loosen baby teeth and help adult teeth break the gum surface.  Choose toys that are smaller in size so the puppy can grip it and carry it around.

Collars and leashes are necessary if you plan to take your Chi out for walks.  Many owners exercise their Chihuahuas inside and use a fenced yard for bathroom duties.  If you don’t have a backyard then a collar and leash are needed when you take your puppy outside.  A Chihuahua collar and leash keep your puppy from running away but also allows you to grab your Chi quickly if they are threatened by other dogs.

Beyond the Basics

Although you shouldn’t bathe your Chi very frequently because it dries their skin and strips it of natural oils, it is necessary to bathe them occasionally or if they get dirty.  Buying a good quality shampoo from a pet supply store or your veterinarian is a good idea.  There are many different varieties of shampoos and conditioners for dogs just as there are for people.

Shampoos are formulated for regular skin and coats, for itchy dogs, for dogs with seborrhoea or other skin issues, or there are gentle formulas for dogs that need to be bathed more frequently.  There are also doggy wipes for quick cleaning and freshening up.

Many Chi owners like the idea of dressing up their puppy.  If you plan to do this, start early!  Getting your puppy used to clothing is something to start right away.  Chihuahua clothing is very popular and can be found online or at pet stores.  From sweaters to collars, these little dogs look good in almost anything. 

Crates are very helpful with small breed dogs like Chihuahuas and are something new owners should consider.  A crate provides shelter and protection for the puppy and helps with housebreaking.  Many puppies learn to love their crates and many dog owners will tell you that their pet sleeps in their crate willingly and stays there even when the door is open.  It becomes the dog’s own little room, the one place in the house that it all theirs.

If all the items you need seem overwhelming, why not host a Chihuahua Gift Party?  Invite your family and friends over to meet your new addition and ask them to bring a small gift for the puppy.  You will receive many unique toys and clothing that you may not have thought of buying yourself.  



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