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A Guide to Feeding Your Chihuahua

A Guide to Feeding Your Chihuahua

Feeding your Chihuahua can be tricky, even though the dogs are tiny and don’t require high volumes of food. Most owners feed their Chihuahuas by hand. This ensures that the food is small enough to swallow easily, eliminating choking hazards for their dogs. While this method of feeding means that Chihuahuas eat safely, it can inadvertently lead to the Chi becoming obese.


The maximum weight for a pure bred Chihuahua is 6 pounds, according to the Official Breed Standard of the Kennel Club of America. The same weight is standard for UK breeds, according to the UK Kennel Club. Some Chihuahuas are naturally bigger than others, but the weight of 6 pounds is a good standard to judge your dog’s health by. An obese Chihuahua will not live as long as it should, and will be prone to a host of health issues, in addition to the inherent health problems the breed already has.


Recommended Food for Your Chihuahua


You need to ensure that your Chihuahua eats well. This means the food you feed your pet should be high quality and full of the right nutrition. Avoid feeding your Chi human food. Like all dogs, your Chi is a carnivore. Dogs aren’t supposed to eat vast amounts of cereal and corn – which are the primary ingredients in budget dog food.


Meat should be the main ingredient, by a large percentage, be it in the form of dry food, or canned food. Many Chi owners mix good quality dry food and canned food together, to ensure that their Chi’s get the right nutrition, as well as the benefit of the tooth cleaning action of the pellets.


Another issue you should be concerned about, is hypoglycaemia. Your Chi is prone to suffering from low blood sugar, so make sure you feed your pet many times a day, rather than wait for one or two large meals. Avoid giving your dog too much sugary, sweet food as treats in between meals. this can cause severe fluctuations in blood sugar levels, resulting in your dog experiencing a series of sugar highs and lows the whole day long.


Exercise and Eating


Regular exercise should be part of Chihuahua training. Tips from experts have a common theme: your Chihuahua does not need long exercise sessions, but does need to run around a bit, be it in your apartment, or outside. Do not try to jog with your Chi. This is way too intense and will do more harm than good.  Just make sure you aren’t stuffing your Chi with fatty, sugary food the whole day long, and make sure that you don’t carry your dog around with you, denying them the chance to walk or play.


Raw Food for Chihuahuas


Unlike people, dogs eat raw meat. Their bodies are designed to process it quite safely. You can feed your Chihuahua on good quality raw meat, preferably lean meat, such as chicken breast. Be sure to cut the meat up into small chunks. this method of feeding your Chi will ensure that they have the right vitamins and minerals in their diet, not a whole lot of starch, fat and cereal. The cheap dog food can actually be bad for your Chi, causing bloatedness, blood sugar problems and hair loss.




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