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Buster and Belle Go For a Walk

Buster and Belle Go For a Walk

Buster Meets Belle

Belinda just got me dressed for my walk. 

Usually John takes me out but today Belinda is home so I guess she’s taking me for my walk. 

I looked out the window earlier and it doesn’t look very cold, but perhaps just a little cool.  Belinda has dressed me in one of my least favourite outfits today – a blue and white sailor suit.  She thinks it makes me look cute, and I have to admit that I do look smart.  However, I prefer to wear more manly clothes like vests and hoodies. 

The outfit doesn’t really matter because we hardly ever see anybody on our walks.  Sometimes we see the old Beagle from down the road but his eyesight is so bad he won’t even be able to tell what I’m wearing.  As long as I don’t get cold the clothes don’t matter.  I’m so excited about the walk that I can hardly stand still.  Belinda is trying to get on my leash and Chihuahua collar but I’m making it a bit difficult with all the dancing about.

What’s that?  The doorbell just rang.  I start to bark my most savage bark to scare off the intruder and to let Belinda know to protect herself.  As Belinda opens the door I continue to bark.  I have to show the stranger that this is my house and Belinda is my owner.  Whoever is at the door must be getting the message that they can’t hurt us when I’m around.

Whoa!!  It’s another Chihuahua.  A girl Chihuahua.  I know it’s a girl just from the way she smells.  The fact that she is wearing a little pink dress is a dead giveaway as well.  Belinda is talking to the women with this girl and I hear the word “walk”.  I’m going for a walk with this girl?  I start to prance about even more.  I can’t help myself. 

I try to calm down but find that I am still jumping about and barking.  Belinda tells me to shush but I can’t stop altogether – I’m too excited.  I don’t visit with other Chis very often.  I heard John and Belinda talking about it once and it was something about me being too excitable and aggressive.  I have no idea what they are talking about.

Belle Meets Buster

I have no idea where we are but there is a very rude dog on the other side of the door who started barking the minute we rang the doorbell.  I can’t even hear myself think with all the racket he is making.  I just know that it’s a boy because no self-respecting girl dog would carry on that way.

As the door opens I put on my best facial expression – it’s a cross between curious and shy with my ears cocked a little bit sideways.  People love this expression and I find it helps break the ice when meeting new people.  I do like to be admired and this look never fails to get me what I want.

When I see what’s been making all the noise I’m not surprised that it is another Chihuahua.  I met a long haired Chihuahua once who sounded almost identical.  I know that these boys think they are being ferocious but really it is just a loud annoying yap. 

When I see what he is wearing I try not to react.  A sailor suit?  Who wears a sailor suit these days?  I have the very latest in Chihuahua clothes and there is nothing with a nautical theme.  Oh my goodness, he is still yapping.  Somebody make him stop.

From what I understand I am supposed to be going for a walk with this dog.  I hope he calms down before too long or it will be a long and painful experience with him barking incessantly the entire time.  Once my owner puts me down I will let him sniff me for a moment and then he had better back off.  I act shy and timid but if I think he is taking advantage of the sniffing time I won’t hesitate to nip him.  Nobody sniffs me inappropriately.


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