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Buster and The Cats

Buster and The Cats

Buster and The Cats

Why I Hate Cats

I’m not really sure why I hate cats so much.  Maybe it’s simply that I’m a dog and dogs are supposed to hate cats.  I’m not even sure if I hate all cats or just the ones that live in the same house as me. 

As a Chihuahua I know that I have a purpose in life.  I protect my owners from intruders, provide loving companionship and keep their laps warm on cold winter days.  I can’t see what purpose the cats serve.  They don’t do much but sleep and eat and when my owners want to sit on the couch one of the cats is already there hogging the space.

They all wear a little collar with a bell on it which makes the most annoying noise whenever they walk by.  My Chihuahua collars are much fancier and have my name engraved on them.  Obviously my owners, John and Belinda, think I’m worth a better collar than the cats.  I agree.

John and Belinda’s Cats

I’ve been with John and Belinda since I was a puppy four years ago and there were no cats back then.  When I turned one year old the first cat showed up.  The second one came a year after that, and then number three moved in another year later.  I am very worried that if this trend continues we’ll have more than a dozen by the time I’m in my teens.

My owners named the cats Larry, Moe and Curly.  They seem to think this is funny but I don’t understand the joke.  One of the cats, Moe, has long fur almost like a long haired Chihuahua but not as luxurious.  Even though Belinda brushes him every day he insists on licking himself all the time.  He seems very ungrateful in my opinion.

A Typical Day

I can describe a typical day in my house for the cats very easily.  They eat, look out the window, run past me and try to swat at me, and then sleep.  That’s it.  Sometimes they go into the backyard for a few minutes but almost always end up on the deck in the sun falling asleep.  They are very lazy.

I used to try to play with them but they act like they don’t know how to play.  They always look at me with a snotty look like they don’t understand what I’m saying.  Sometimes when they don’t think I’m watching I see them playing with each other.  They chase each other around the house but never let me join in.  Is it any wonder that I hate the cats?

The Perks

Over the years I’ve found a few perks to having the cats live with us.  Sometimes they don’t eat all their food right away and if I’m quick I can sneak in a little treat before John and Belinda notice. 

When John, Belinda and I go to bed at night sometimes one of the cats has warmed up a nice spot on the bed for me.  They are all larger than me so the warm spot is plenty big enough.  I’m a short haired Chihuahua so I appreciate being warm more than my long haired Chihuahua counterparts. 

The last positive thing I can think of is playing with the cat’s toys.  They have a few little balls with jingle bells in them and a couple of fuzzy toys.  I like to play with the balls the best but most of the time one of the cats hears the jingling and comes to take the toy away. 

I will continue to try to get along with the cats because I love John and Belinda and they seem to like the cats.  Being a loyal companion I try to do things that keep my owners happy, but sometimes it’s difficult.


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