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Buster Gets a Makeover

The same day that Belinda and I went to the mall for Christmas shopping, she decided to do a little shopping for her, too.  We went into one of her favorite stores to look at the clothes, makeup, and perfumes.

The store was bright and cheerful.  Christmas music was blaring from the speakers and candles were melting all around the store to create a homey atmosphere.  The whole store smelled of candied apples and pine trees; it was wonderful!  Anytime I smell something good (or bad), my nose twitches and I sneeze a lot.  I love all smells, from pumpkin pie to dead fish; I really have no preference!  The flickering candles and festive music made me bark more than I usually do and that drew a lot of attention to Belinda and me.

“Why hello, ladies,” crooned an older woman with too much eye makeup on.  Belinda said hello and told her that I was not a lady but still adored fashion.  I barked and whimpered as she tried to touch me through my carrier.  “Did you know we now sell Chihuahua collars and apparel?” said the woman.  “No!” said Belinda.  That’s all she needed to hear before we were hurriedly following the woman in a trail of her flowery perfume.

When we got to the back of the store, lots of young women were working on grooming dogs, polishing toe nails, dressing them up, and taking pictures of them.  The new glamour section of the store was quite popular and all the women who shopped there would bring their dogs in for make-overs while they browsed through the items for sale.

Belinda left me in my carrier to wait my turn to get dolled up.  She was shopping when a short girl with fluffy, red hair came to get me.  “Aren’t you a sweet, little fella,” she purred.  “I am Jessica and I will help you to be beautiful today!”  Jessica carried me over to her station and plopped me in front of a big mirror.  I was looking a little run down.  Some pampering was just what I needed to be on top of my game!  First Jessica brushed my coat.  Short haired Chihuahuas don’t have too much to brush so it went by pretty quickly!  Then she got a glove and sprayed it with something that made my short hair shine like glass!  She trimmed up my ear hair and the hair between my toes before she painted my toe nails with a glittery black polish.  It was manly but fun, I’m glad she didn’t use pink!  Then, Jessica carried over a little box with some very small Chihuahua outfits inside.  After debating the look she was going for, she opted for a red, velvety jumpsuit that slid over all four legs.  The belly was open and there was a hole for my tail.  There were some black buttons down the back and a silky black collar.  She even slipped off my collar and placed a scrunchy black sleeve over it, making a ruffled collar which was very cute!  I must admit, I looked very handsome and Christmassy.

When Belinda came back from shopping, she couldn’t believe how great I looked!  She gave Jessica a big tip and we checked out.  “You look like you are all ready for Christmas, Buster!  I can’t believe how fancy you are!”  I was so excited that I cried and cried to Belinda for attention.  My glittery black nails tapped all over the floor as I danced around in excitement.  “Just wait until John see’s you!  He won’t believe his eyes!”

As we drove home, I curled up on the back seat and thought about the fun day I had, shopping with Belinda!  I was so sleepy from all of the excitement and couldn’t wait to get home to show off my new look to John!


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