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Buster’s Bad Night

Buster’s Bad Night


The strangest thing happened to me when I woke up yesterday morning.  I woke up to the savory aroma of apple pancakes which made my cold little nose twitch with excitement.  As I was squirming out from under the blankets, I felt something tug on my 

Chihuahua collar.  I was rather surprised since I was the only one here.  Quickly, I pawed at my nose and blinked my eyes to see if I was dreaming but then I felt it again; only this time the tugging was at my tail!  That was enough to spook me right out from the covers and onto the table next to the bed.  From here I should be able to see everything in the room.  As I peered from one end of the room to the other, my big brown eyes were drawn to the bedroom window.  Belinda’s ruffled white curtain began to float delicately up and down, ever so slightly and the tissues in the box beneath the window started to flutter like little butterflies.  Now I was so scared that my hair stood straight up on my back and I looked more like a baby porcupine than a short haired Chihuahua!

I could hear Belinda coming toward the room and the smell of apple pancakes grew stronger and stronger.  Normally, that would have made me the happiest little Chi in the town, but today I was just happy that Belinda was coming to save me!  When the door inched open, I couldn’t see anything but darkness in the hallway.  Oh my, oh my…my tail sunk down between my back legs and my furry little bottom inched down with it.  I felt like I could just curl up and disappear I was so frightened!  All of a sudden, a loud smack of thunder shook the house and the sky opened up like a mighty river.  Rain poured down and pattered so loudly on the windows that it sounded like they would shatter.  Then, just as quickly as it began, there was silence and blackness all around.  I couldn’t see a thing inside the house or out the window.  The cover of darkness was everywhere and the only thing I could feel was hot breath on the back of my ear, which was flattened onto the side of my head in pure terror.

A second later, I felt like I was drifting away but I could still feel that hot breathing on my ear.  Slowly I turned my head to see where it was coming from.  Out of the corner of my squinty little eye I could see the blankets next to me rising and falling in rhythm.  Quickly, something reached underneath the cover and took a hold of my little leg but I was too terrified to think about what it could be!  Feeling foggy and dazed, I opened my eyes a little bit wider and saw the moon peeking through the curtains at me.  I didn’t smell those scrumptious apple pancakes or hear Belinda in the kitchen.  There was no scary thunder or smashing raindrops outside, and nothing was floating or flying around the room.  As a matter of fact, the horrifying creature that had a hold of my paw and was breathing his fiery breath into my ear was only Belinda!  I’m still alive and I will see another day of beefy bones and fancy Chihuahua collars!  That was the worst dream I ever had!  Hopefully I will still smell apple pancakes in the morning, though!


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