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CHI_Buster Goes Christmas Shopping

There is no more festive time than Christmas.  The lightly falling snow that melts quickly on my hot nose is one of the most delightful things I’ve ever experienced.  I look forward to the chilly nights that bite at my perky ears and the church bells ringing as we go out for our evening walk; it is calming and comforting.  Every time Christmas rounds the corner, I get so excited!  Not only is it a festive and happy season, but I get a lot of Christmas presents!Belinda wrapped me up in my green knit sweater and booties before she packed me up in my cute designer Chihuahua carrier for a day at the mall.   We hopped in the car and could see our breath because it was so frosty and cold!  Belinda breathed on the window and drew a little snowman while she waited for the car to warm up.  “We are going to get a lot of shopping done today, Buster.”  I barked a happy bark and wagged my tail underneath the heavy sweater.  I loved going shopping because there were always lots of people to give me treats at the stores!The mall wasn’t too packed and we easily found a parking space.  Belinda hopped out of the car and we went into the mall.  She shook her hair and snow fell from her head onto my face.  I licked at it because it was stuck to my cheek and it wasn’t melting fast enough.  My Chihuahua clothes were speckled with white snowflakes and they were glistening on my long eyelashes, too.  “Well aren’t you the cutest little thing I have ever seen,” sung a Southern lady as she passed by.  My Chihuahua collar jingled as I spun in circles inside my carrier, trying to get dry.  “Let’s get John’s gift first, Buster.”  We made our way to the electronics store.

Beeping, buzzing, humming, and whizzing sounds floated through the air as we strolled into the electronics store.  Belinda was checking out all of the latest gadgets and trying to find something that John didn’t already have; he was a big fan of useless doo-dads.  A little boy came up to my carrier and started poking at me with his candy cane.  Belinda wasn’t paying attention and neither was the boy’s mother.  He would stick it through the holes in my carrier a little bit and I would quickly steal a lick.  Then, he would giggle and do it again.  Finally, he stuck it through enough for me to grab it so I did!  He immediately started screaming and Belinda whirled around to see what was wrong.  The boy’s mother came running over to check his fingers for bites.  How dare she think I would bite a child?  Belinda found the candy cane sticking to my carrier and took it out to give back to her.  “Maybe you should watch your son and where he is sticking his messy candy before you accuse anybody of anything,” scoffed Belinda.  The woman snarled at Belinda and dragged her son out of the store by his arm.  Belinda just smiled at me and continued shopping.

After we got almost all of the Christmas shopping done, we stopped for a bite to eat.  Belinda sat my carrier on top of the table next to her and unzipped it.  She put a little plate of roast beef and French fries in front of me and a little bowl of water.  As we ate, we watched all of the busy shoppers, fluttering around the mall in search of that perfect gift.  The only thing more fun than shopping was watching the hordes of people, frantically trying to find what they are looking for!


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