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Chihuahuas Through the Eyes of Big Dog Owners

Chihuahuas Through the Eyes of Big Dog Owners

We all love our little Chis for a variety of reasons and we sometimes wonder why people would want any other type of dog. Chi owners particular wonder why people would want to own large breed dogs when they could have everything they want in one wonderful, small package.


Chihuahua Size and Function

Small dogs, and particularly Chihuahuas, are looked upon by big dog owners as little more than rats. 

“What’s the point of having a dog that is smaller than my cat?” is a common comment from large breed dog owners.  The thought that dogs are meant to be hunters or guard dogs is another myth that circulates the doggy world.

What these owners don’t appreciate is the many wonderful aspects of owning a dog that can fit in your purse.  Whether your pet is a short or long haired Chihuahua you know the benefits that come from owning a dog that you can easily pick up and move about however you like.  As far as dogs needing a purpose such as hunting or guarding, Chihuahuas do serve a purpose.

Chihuahuas have not been bred for any other purpose than to be a companion animal.  In this task, they perform their duties admirably.  No, your Chihuahua won’t be leaping into the woods to fetch your latest kill and he or she certainly won’t be guarding the flocks against wolves.  However, a territorial Chi will let you know when an intruder is at the door and they will provide endless hours of devoted love and companionship as well.

Chihuahua Clothes

Owners of large breed dogs often look down upon the practise of dressing up smaller dogs.  In many cases, sweaters and coats serve a practical purpose in keeping the dog warm.  Larger breed dogs don’t need this same kind of protection from the elements.  However, if you visit any truly cold environment all dogs should be wearing foot protection to prevent frost bite of the foot pads.

Almost every Chihuahua owner will admit that dressing their pet goes way beyond practicality.  The sheer array of possibilities available both in stores and on websites like prove this point.  Every person, young or old, single or married has the need to give and receive affection.  This is one of the reasons that people have pets.

Small dogs go a step beyond what other pets can provide.  The list of people who like to dress their Chi is extensive:  singles, young married couples not yet ready for children, childless couples or empty nesters are just a few examples of people who need an outlet for their love and affection.  Dressing up a Chihuahua is a way of showing love.

It’s not just the physical act of dressing the dog that brings such joy either.  Buying the clothes and seeing what the latest fads are is just as exciting.  Holiday clothing opens up a whole other realm of clothing possibilities for Chi owners.  For those Chi owners who don’t like to go overboard on clothing there are so many Chihuahua collars to choose from that it’s mind boggling. 

The very best thing about owning a Chihuahua is that it is socially acceptable to dote on them and dress them up in sometimes formal, sometimes silly outfits.  It’s fun!  Perhaps big dog owners are jealous because they know that their Great Dane wouldn’t look cute dressed as a biker chick for Halloween, but any female Chi would.

So the next time you slip on your Chis fancy duds or spend a quiet weekend afternoon snuggled together on the couch enjoy every moment.  Forget about the views of large dog owners.  Chihuahua owners can rest easy in the knowledge that we have the best of the best.  Once you’ve had a Chi, nothing else will do.  


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