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Easter Part III

With all of the excitement and commotion of the morning, I felt sleepy.  I curled up on Belinda’s pillow and fell asleep.  The warmth of my fuzzy jumper and the comfortable, fluffy pillow had me in dreamland right away.  Visions of candy and brightly colored eggs danced through my head as I slept.  The laughter of children and the sounds of music woke me up and I sleepily stretched my chicken legs, one by one.

I hopped off of the bed and trotted into the living room where at least a dozen little kids were dancing to some crazy video on our television.  When they saw me, they swarmed over to me with huge grins and screams of delight!  Belinda ran to the rescue when she saw me backed in the corner.  “Everybody has to be very nice to Buster.  He’s a lot smaller than you and me.  He could get hurt and that would be terrible, wouldn’t it?” explained Belinda.  All of the kids were nodding their heads as they gently took turns petting me and my fuzzy chicken head.  I was happy that they were not attacking me and I licked each little hand, one by one.

Once the shock of a chicken-clad Chihuahua wore off, we were all ready to take the party outside.  As we headed to the back yard, the kids saw the rabbit hop by with a carrot in his mouth.  They all started chasing him around the yard and he really gave them a run for their money.  That rabbit was fast, but the little red haired kid was faster!  He grabbed the rabbit and lay on the grass with him.  Soon, the whole heap of kids was poking at the bunny, and that was fine with me!

When it was time for lunch, Belinda had a wonderful selection of things to choose from.  There were bowls of salads; green, potato, macaroni, and pasta.  There were hot dogs on the grill and a big bowl of macaroni and cheese.  There were little Easter cakes with white frosting and a chocolate egg on top, wiggly orange carrot shaped jello, bowls of sour gummies, and a platter of hard boiled eggs.  Belinda made me a little plate of goodies to munch on and it was all delicious!

After we got done eating, it was time for the Easter egg hunt.  John spent the morning hiding plastic Easter eggs with prizes inside.  He must have done it while I was asleep because I had no idea where they were hidden.  Everybody scoured the backyard and put the eggs they found into little blue and green baskets.  When everyone was done, we all sat in a big circle to count the eggs and open them.  Some kids had little plastic rings, some had matchbox cars, and some had quarters.  The little girl with pig-tails had the most eggs so she won the extra special prize which was a giant stuffed bunny!

As the parents came to pick up their kids, everyone gathered for a picture in front of the house with me and the rabbit.  It was a super fun day and I was totally exhausted.  Belinda sure knew how to throw a party!  I can’t wait for the next holiday!


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