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What You Should Know About Chihuahua Temperament


You have probably heard more than one horror story about a Chihuahua that had a less than lovely temperament. In fact, many people would tell you that the saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ seems to have been written to describe these little dogs!


If you are looking for Chihuahua training tips, and are wondering how much temperament has to do with your Chihuahua’s behavior, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we look at general temperament information, as well as specific Chihuahua training tips that you can use to improve your dog’s temperament.




With every breed of dog, there is an element of genetics in temperament, but that seems to be even more pronounced in Chihuahuas. In fact, whole breeding lines have been known to have a particular type of temperament, and while there are many things you can correct, temperament problems that are related to genetics are not one of them!


The best advice here is to make sure that you meet your puppy’s parents before you make a decision to take him or her home. If there is a tendency towards aggression or snappiness, then you probably want to look elsewhere!




Even if your dog has not inherited any particularly bad temperament traits from his or her parents or grandparents, there is still a fair amount of work you need to do in terms of Chihuahua training tips, in order to make sure your dog stays docile and friendly!


The first, and most important of those, is socializing. Chihuahua’s tend to have strong personalities, even though they are tiny, and you need to make sure that they are used to other animals, children and people if you want them to be friendly later on.


One of the best early Chihuahua training tips you can do is to sign your puppy up for a socializing class as soon as he or she has had his or her vaccinations. These classes will expose your puppy to other pets and people, and mean that your Chi is used to being around others from early on.


Security and Loyalty


More than many other breeds, probably because of their size, Chihuahuas tend to like physical security. This is usually manifested in creating their own ‘dens’ – under pillows, in cupboards and in other small corners of your home. This is normal behaviour, but another of the important Chihuahua training tips to bear in mind is not to let your pet become too territorial about ‘their’ possessions.


Likewise, Chihuahuas can often be very loyal to a particular owner, and will ‘guard’ them fiercely. Again, socializing is the most important way to train this type of behaviour out of your Chi!


It is not unheard of for Chihuahuas to attack people or dogs when they feel scared or threatened, but if your dog is not genetically predisposed to aggression, and you follow the Chihuahua training tips in this article, you should raise a confident and friendly dog, who has no temperament problems.


Remember – there are as many friendly, loving, gentle Chihuahuas out there, as there are little tyrants, and its equal measures of nature and nurture that determines which you will have!


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